I invest a lot of time in each of my carefully crafted pieces, paying attention to every detail.“ – Tina-Marie

Each Lilli-Marleen product is lovingly made by hand, making each piece unique.

Everything is made in Tina-Marie’s own small studio – sewn, embroidered, ironed and carefully packed.

She uses only 100% cotton and soft fleece.

You can find everything in the online shop – from a complete new-born layette (blankets, rattles, changing bags, changing mats, etc.) to cushions for the older children or play cushions, all the way to water bottles and lunchboxes for when you’re out and about – all in Tina-Marie’s unique designs.

Are you looking for something extra special? Or for the perfect present for a loved one?

Then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Each special Lilli-Marleen piece can also be put together on an individual basis and personalised – simply choose from our selection of fabrics and motifs.

 “Giving a piece of personal childhood, which is remembered forever”

We look at every detail to ensure that our products go together perfectly, so that they can be combined to create a beautiful whole.

We focus on using delicate colours, soft and natural fabrics, and subtle, pretty motifs to highlight a baby’s delicacy. And children love our pieces too – everything handmade in AUSTRIA.

“Lilli-Marleen. made with LOVE – for mums who like to surround their children with beauty”

When choosing the main motifs for our baby collection, we deliberately decided in favour of two particularly powerful baby symbols – the elephant and the hare. Why?

For thousands of years the elephant has symbolised luck, wisdom and loyalty. His strength and power protect those he is close to:

because an elephant values love, family and friendship.

And the hare symbolises fertility and new life.


the elephant children Emil & Lotta
as well as
the hares Leo & Leni



“Conjuring sparkling eyes out of fabric and thread”


Lilli-Marleen & Friends

The gorgeous Lilli-Marleen products can now not only be found here online, but also in selected online and concept stores in Austria and Germany as well as at the Raumelfen children’s room designers in Vienna.


Do you share our philosophy?

Do you also want to sell our products or would you like us to design a Lilli-Marleen collection for sale at your shop? Then simply get in touch by emailing or give us a call (see Contact).

We’re looking forward to working with you!


Please note:

Your piece will be made after you have placed your order, so it might take a while for your product to be delivered.

As these products are handmade individually, each piece is unique. This means that there might be slight differences in colour in fabrics, ribbons, bows & co. However, the style and the colour pattern stay the same.

Thank you for your understanding