Payment methods

Payment methods:

  • Cash if collection by customer
  • PayPal
  • Cash on delivery whereby additional cash on delivery charges occur (see forwarding costs)
  • Advance payment: after completing your order, you will receive an email with the payment information attached. Please transfer the amount within a few days. A binding reservation applies to your order for 10 days.

Information from terms and conditions: If, despite payment being due, the seller has not received the payment amount 10 calendar days after sending the order confirmation, although a second request for payment has been made, the seller withdraws from the contract with the consequence that the order is no longer valid and the seller is under no delivery obligation. The order has no further consequences for seller or customer. In the case of advance payments, the article can therefore be reserved for 10 calendar days at the longest.

Your order will be sent after receipt of payment and the product always remains the property of Lilli-Marleen. made with LOVE. until payment has been made in full.